Monday, July 20, 2009

Thank You ShopDiscover!

I love my Discover card, it is soo cool looking and they have been a great credit card company to have with great customer service and an awesome website. However, I think the most awesome part of having a Discover Card is their ShopDiscover program.

The ShopDiscover program is a list of a bunch of retailers who give you a % back for buying products from their website through the Discovercard website. Alot of times you also get a discount for being a Discovercard member so it is like a win-win situation.

I recently purchased a years subscriptoin to Cosmo magazine (haha, I know, really literary) and got like 10-20% back as reward money on my card. I also bought some stuff from Target.Com and Barnes and Noble, which I wanted to buy anyway. Well after all this, I had alot of money in my discover cashback account and redeemed it for a $120 deposit into my checking account. How Awesome is that??

ShopDiscover has so many different categories to choose from and cashback percentages from 5-20%, I recommend everyone I know to utilize this service if you have a Discover card and if you don't have one yet, get one!! haha. Then take me out to lunch with your rebate! :-)

Oh and btw this post represents entry in the ShopDiscover blog promotion with a chance to win a Discover Gift Card.

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