Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Falling out of love

People always talk about how great it is to fall in love but I think it can also be pretty fantastic when you fall out of love. I have the misfortune of falling pretty deeply for someone when I find a number of qualities in them attractive. Unforunately for me manny of these characteristics are only in my mind and the man of my affections is not quite what I think he is.

Take Mr. X. I have been "in love" with him for over a year now, well close to a year. He is to most eyes pretty average looking but to me there was this something extra, this air of seriousness and brains that added to what I thought was his dark and brooding looks.

I have many different and seemingly wonderful (read: not really wonderful at all) stories about Mr. X. but quite honestly I think there was nothing there and as each day passes I am slowly and surely no longer feeling that tug and pull to him. I have never felt so satisfied and content as I do now when I wake up and realize that Mr.X. really means nothing to me. Falling out of love can be a wonderful thing.