Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bright as Yellow

I recently joined netflix because I am now on a basic cable package with Time Warner cable. Read 20 channels, with all but 4 being pretty darn crap. The 4 I watch obviously being the big networks, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and CW. Haha, and that is 5 so obviously one of them really isn't that good! But I am paying $24.95 for basic cable and internet and so I can't really complain. Netflix is about $8.99 a month for one dvd out at a time and no limit on dvds each month so hopefully this will work out well for me.

They have sent out my first dvd, "Love Finds Andy Hardy" and say I should get in on Monday. I am sure noone who is under 60 has heard of this movie or really knows Mickey Rooney, or maybe knows him best from "National Velvet" with Elizabeth Taylor, but he is a great actor that has starred in some fantastic films. And so I am excited to see this film, there were actually alot of Andy Hardy films made but netflix only has one available to ship which is pretty sad.


So I went to Oregon for orientation for my job or year in service. It was cool, I met some cool people and of course some uncool people, as is the case when you have a number of human beings in one space.

So this photo is from the last day and consists of me and the girls I hung out with most at the conference. I actually started my job last friday and it was kinda boring as all I did was look at our websites and the national nonprofits website and look at lots of educational and financial documents from our nonprofit. But it was kinda cool because when my coworkers were leaving they were like, "come on Jaimie, you should leave as well." And it was like 3.30pm, I was like oh ok. haha. My boss had previously stated that I could go home whenever I wanted that day cos he knew there wasn't much going on for me. But I hadn't been planning on leaving until 4.00pm.


So new song for you to love as well. I've loved it since college but just refound it because I am using my desktop because my laptop fell and is now being repaired by Bestbuy, GOD, I hope they are fixing it. I have no FAITH in that company!

But here is the song, "Bright as Yellow" by The Innocence Mission. Very simple lyrics and tune but awesome song!

"Even if I'm shining, even if I'm shining here inside. Even if I'm shouting do you see that I'm wanting, that I want to be so...soo...bright, bright, bright, bright as yellow"

I can't attach the original from youtube because embedding has been disabled, but this is a good cover by someone on youtube!

So anyways, I am off to the beach today with a friend from the orientation.

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Jameil said...

take me to the beach! the best thing abt netflix is the instant viewing. there are a lot of good movies online.