Monday, July 20, 2009

Boogie boarding is awesome!

So it reached about 102 degrees here in LA. And I have no AC in my apt and my fan seems to be only blowing hot air. I've bought 3 more "High Velocity" fans that sucked ass and all got returned. But I did buy a Holmes twin window fan at Target today for $26.99 and it seems to be working well. I can't get a window ac because my landlords don't let me and a portable AC is like $500, EEEK!

So I got a boogie board, also known as a body board and went boogie boarding/kinda surfing at Santa Monica beach last weekend. Can you say AWESOME three times fast?? Cos that is what I am and that is what boogie boarding was...pretty frigging awesome!!

At one point, I was on top of this huge ass wave and another one came right after it and so I kept skimming closer and closer to the the shoreline. It was frigging cool and amazing. I've decided to go to the beach everyday after work now because I felt so alive and one with the ocean.

It was kinda scary at one point though, this one wave carried me up high and then crashed me down hard into the ocean and the boogie board went flying, but I did have it attahced to my wrist through the strap but it was a little crazy as you aren't sure which way is up for a minute and there was a wicked undercurrent pulling you out into the ocean.

Ok. So I'm watching a tv show right now called, "Dating in the Dark:- A new show on ABC. Is Love Blind is the premise of the show. Hmm, this should be interesting. I'm typing this as I watch it.

The Guys
Stephen- says he is a genius, I would say he is cute. Looks 8/10

Seth- says he likes hot girls. Annoying to me. Looks 7/10

Allistair- From England. Nice face, ugly v-neck shirt 8/10 (would be 9 but for clothes)

The Girls
Christina- Annoying. Cue though 8/10

Melanie- Wild hair, fugly glasses that look like mine...eek could be me 6/10

Leni- is a nanny,looks like a nanny and seems nice. 7.5/10

So the men and women meet in a dark room where they can see nothing. Allistair is looking like a pompous ass with his head on the table.

Leni has a good personality and is funny. Stephen seems a smart show-off. Of the three, I'm into none, in the light or the dark so far.

Melanie looks older than 31, I feel whoever she ends up with is going to be a lil disapointed. I'm saying this truly based on what the show is looking for. Do looks really matter? All I have to say is, who is going on these shows?

Stephen is looking like a douche as the show goes on and noone has wanted to spend anytime with Alistair as yet...oops.

SO OMG! Just what I thought would happen, they all made a match with one person and loved the personality of that person and then they saw each other and inevitably the hot person was not interested in the other person.

Matches in the dark were:

Allistair and Melanie: He opened up his heart to her in the dark and she thought he was really hot when she saw him. He said that "she gets him." And he came out and met her. He was worried about the physical but I think he wanted a friend!

Stephen and Leni: ok so they both decided to date in the light! And they kiss!

Seth and Christina: They kissed in the dark! And after she saw him she decided she didn't want a second date! omg, and he wiped tears away as he saw her walk away! Kinda made me feel sad for him!

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