Monday, May 14, 2007

Travelling Gal

I am going to play abit of catch-up here seeing as I haven't posted in ages, you can blame law school for that.

Currently I am in England, good ole Jolly England and staying at my cousin's house.

I left IC about a week ago and drove down to Florida with my friend Lisa, who flew up to Chicago. Unfortunately, we didn't get to see much of Chi-town besides the airport and a bit of a ghetto town surrounding it when I took a wrong turn out of the airport, I have no idea how that happened.

When we drove back we were going to spend the day there but after tidying and cleaning the apt we decided to just drive straight to Orlando.

Yes, I decided to leave the apt, I honestly didn't like it that much, the aesthics were too displeasing to me!!

So it was one helll of a long drive to Orlando, about 28 hours, we stopped for about 3 hours and slept outside a Waffle House in Atlanta, I was frigging exhausted. I spent much of the next couple of days lounging around my mums house and hanging out with Lisa, Lily and Lisa's friend A. And of course, arguing with my mum. About of course, stupid stuff.

I flew to England on Saturday, via Newark and of course when I arrived at London HEathrow, my cousin was no-where to be seen. And of course I didn't have her cellphone number on me but her homenumber so I had to traipse around with my overweight luggage (had to pay an overweight fee) and look for internet service, at 6.50AM. It wasn't a happy moment for me, hehe. Then I got ripped off, £1.50 for frigging 4 minutes online. And then another £1 just to make a 2 minute call, only to find out she was in the wrong terminal and then I had to lug my stuff to the train and up a whole heap of stairs to find her. haha.


So today I am flying to France because that is where the summer classes are, I really Do Not feel like taking any classes right now. I really don't. I am burnt out from last semester still. But it will be fun to see some familiar faces again. I don't know if I miss Iowa and the people or if it was because it was such a small microcosm that withdrawal of the environment has just affected me. Abit of both i'm sure.

Well here's to not too much studying and meeting cute boys, hehe. I'll update often as it is easier than sending e-mails!!

Ooh, ooh. I forgot to tell you about the boy I liked. My friend told me something about him that was quite off-putting and so eh.

Also, I showed my four year old 2nd cousin his picture and was like, Do you think he's goodlooking?

And she shakes her head and said NO.

I showed her about 4 more pics until finally I got a yes. I stopped there. hehe. Oh well, have to go and pack for France now.

P.S I just realized why I couldn't seem to get the price for my train ticket from Bordeaux to Arcachon on, I was bloody spelling Arcachon incorrectly. SIGH.

So you know

The posts underneath this are actually all fiction - I did not meet some perfect guy!! haha, it is all made-up.

The stuff above this is true though!!