Friday, July 3, 2009

Some Men are Psychos

This is Cheb Mami, he is an Algerian singer, who collobarated with Sting on 'Desert Rose', he looks pretty normal but he is a crazy psychopath that is going to jail for 5 years, though I think it should have been more like 50!

I read the story on yahoo and it is from Reuters! He tried to force people to give his girlfriend an abortion!!

From The court heard that Le Corre lured the woman to Algiers under the pretext of a business trip. One of the other men then slipped a tranquilizer into her orange juice and drove the semi-conscious woman to Mami's villa.

There, the fourth man and two women, who have not been identified, attempted to perform an abortion on the woman, according to the prosecution. The victim's account of the attempt was confirmed by a medical expert. She also said Mami was present during the abortion attempt, which he denies.

What an awful thing for him to try and do!!

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