Friday, July 3, 2009

wobbly red...BANG BANG!

My Tv is going or should I say gone? It goes to a wobbly red and then shuts off, it's so annoying and sad and from what I have read online it would cost about $200-300 to fix which is more than I paid for the TV. ARGHH! I mean I don't even get more than 20 channels but still sometimes I like to watch "Everybody Loves Raymond," "King of Queens," and some Court Tv shows! I have to keep banging the Tv like a crazy person!

Also, the n key on my laptop is gone!!! I have to use the onscreen keyboard everytime I need to type it. Talk about frustrating!! I'm going to take my laptop in to Bestbuy tomorrow to get it fixed. Who knows how long that will take. Cos we all know that Bestbuy is anything but a BESTbuy. I hate that store so much but I did buy my laptop there and got a warranty and so it should be free to fix.

So asides from that I've been pretty not busy, haha. I went to the beach again and was jumping some huge waves, which was a bit scary cos the underwater current was really strong and was making it hard to get back to shore. I also saw 2 really hot guys there!! And a really really cute one on the freeway in a BMW sportscar, talk abt hubba hubba.

OMG, so my friend Jennifer talked me into signing up for Eharmony to see what it was like because it was a free weekend. I did it for one day ad quit. I feel so horrible and mean. But this is what happened:

So I sign up and answer all these questions that are supposed to match me with someone who is like perfect compatibility for me. So I do it and I get 9 people who are meant to work well for me. BTW I also said I was in nyc because I wasn't doing it 4 real,but I accepted matches from all over the USA so it evened out. I just wanted to see what happened. So there was one guy whose profile seemed cool, he was a teacher, 30, 5"11 and had some cool answers to his questions. So I did the communication steps with him, there was like 10 steps of q/a's that we had to send back and forth before we could talk. Finally, we get through those after like 4 hours. So i'm pretty excited but I had not seen a pic because I was not a paying member. Though I did have a photo up of myself. Anyways, I then asked the guy if he wanted to exchange photo's. And he sent me a photo!

And let's just say he looked 50 and not my type at all. So now I am stuck, cos I don't want to just stop sending him a message because I don't find him attractive. That is too mean! So I sent some random message back and then decided to cancel the acct. I always knew I wasn't an online dating person and now more than ever!

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