Friday, June 26, 2009

My New Apt!

So Here are some pics of my new Studio Apt in Hollywood. I've finished about 75% of what I want to do with it but there are still some items I want to get to complete it but have to wait until I actually have some more money, haha. I would like to put some shelves up on the walls and get one of those nice mirrors that are on legs. Once I get everything I will update with some more photos.

Haven't updated recently because I've been feeling homesick and sad here in LA. I think it's because I am in a new big city and don't know anyone but I am trying to remain positive and remember that any move to a new city will be like this.

I went in and met my new boss a couple of days ago and he seems really nice and said the hours I want to work in the day are flexible, so I can try and go in early to avoid traffic. I am really excited about this job because it seems like something I will really like to do.

But alas,life is short, and so I am just going to fly wherever my wings take me.

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