Thursday, June 30, 2011

It's never too late

The ex-friend that I loved and lost and vowed to never be friends with again has contacted me and is trying to get back into my life. OF COURSE! Isn't that how life goes? Just when you are ready to move on 100% and leave that person behind for ever, they all of a sudden crop back in your life again and spin you for a loop.

Okay, I lied a little bit. I hadn't moved on 100%, I still missed him and our malicious and hilarious conversations that would have me laughing for hours on end. But then I would always remember how he ripped my heart into pieces and spat them out into the ocean. Without a care in the world or in his heart.

So yeah, when he reached out to me, I didn't know how to react. I still don't. I'm scared to be friends again. I feel like I could end up in this whirlwind of crap again and end up hurt and in pain and kicking myself. And who wants that? Not me.

I need to focus on building new relationships with people who care about me and really value me. He doesn't. That I can attest to. No-one who cared about my feelings would have ever treated me the way he did. It's funny now, after writing this, that I think I have my answer.


Stephanie McAfee said...

I hope your answer is "Uh, hell no!" haha!! While it's wonderful the former friend has realized the error of his ways, my vote goes for "It IS too late." I fully understand the temptation to give him another chance because I've done that myself a time or twelve. Fool me twice, anyone? That was me. I had to stop. I like your idea to stick with the people who care about you! Good luck, girl!!

Dreamlover said...

Because I am so dumb, I entertained it in my mind and semi-texted back and we are at an impasse because he really wants to be friends again but I am pretty sure it is all a fame to him.