Thursday, May 12, 2011

Criminal minds...argh, what not to do at the cinema!!

So I was super duper embarrassed on Tuesday. My heart was beating so fast because I thought that I was going to die of shame. Oops, I spoilt the ending of the story because now you know I didn't die. Or I wouldn't be able to type this.

It all started when my roommates and I decided to go and see 'Something Borrowed'. We decided that we would go to an early morning show because it is $6 as opposed to $13. So we all got up early, 9am, and made the trek to the cinema. We were a bit late and so we ran up the escalators and into the movie theater and handed over our tickets. There was probably one other person in the cinema at this time, asides from the people who worked there.

We rushed into the room and sat down and watched the movie. And it was cute. I'm a sucka for chick flicks but I didn't really like the message of the movie, which was basically saying that cheating is okay if the 2 people cheating are really in love. NO IT ISN'T. So, while I was rooting for the male lead and Rachel (the best friend of his fiance) to get together, I felt at odds with my feelings morally. While, it was clear that Dex, (the male lead) and Rachel had been in love for a long time and had crossed signals and all that crap, he was still engaged to her best friend. So while ultimately, the story worked out that the engagement was called off (at the last moment) and they were together and happy, I was still a bit weirded out. I mean really? That's not any sort of love story that I would be hoping for myself.

Anyways, after we all saw the movie, we went to the bathroom and had basically decided to see another movie 'Water For Elephants'. Only the plan was to sneak in without getting another ticket. I have never done this before in my life and when I first heard the plan earlier in the day, I was a bit hesitant. However, I guess I succumbed to the feeling that it was okay and lots of people do it.

Several mistakes were made:
1. When we initially arrived at the cinema we were running and drew a lot of attention to ourselves.
2. We went to see the first movie at 10.50am. Not many people go to see films that early.
3. We walked out of the first movie and then stood in line for 15 mins to buy snacks.
4. We hung out in the lobby before we walked into the next film.

5 seconds after we sat down to watch the next movie, a man comes in and sits behind us and says "My manager sent me in here to ask to see your ticket stubs."

OH SHIT! Excuse my language. But that was all that was running through my mind. OMG, what am I going to do? I want to die. Why did I sneak into this movie? Am I going to be escorted out? Sent to jail? (I told you, I am nothing if not overly dramatic at times).

Well, my two roommates and I all pretended to look for our ticket stubs. And the man then says to us "Tell the truth ladies, just tell the truth." And I can't even open my mouth because what am I going to say "Yes, I snuck into the movie without paying?" How do you say that? One of my roommates kept insisting that we had bought tickets and he kept insisting that we tell the truth. It was one of those moments in life that seems like it is in slow motion. The exchange most probably only lasted about 2 minutes but it felt like 2 hours.

Eventually, the guy told us that he was going to let us stay because we had bought food and he said some other words but I was still too freaked out to really listen. The whole movie I was on the edge of my seat just waiting for someone to come and escort me out. It was absolutely awful. Not the movie (that was cute, but again the cheating/adultery theme was prevalent ARGH).

So my advice for the day is: Never attempt to sneak into a movie after paying for one. The shame of getting caught is just not worth it!! :)

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Katy said...

omg. I made a huge long comment and it had an error!

Boo... I guess I'll just log in first from now on. Hehe. Anyway... here's the gist:

I can't believe you snuck into a movie!!! Bad girl! But I guess he let you stay because you spent so much on food it was probably the same as 12 more tickets. :P Cuz that food is expensive.

Anyway, I totally agree with you about everything you said.. cheating is so wrong. Break up with the person you're with first, if you love someone else. Like... shouldn't that be obvious?

And same with that no strings attached movie. Someone always ends up getting hurt. It's just stupid. One of my guy friends in Ottawa is heading down this road. It's sad to watch and I'm just like, man, you're an idiot. But oh well... I mean, I like the gossip... :P I'm horrible.

But it's just sad how now that's like common and seen as "OK". It's not ok. It's just not. Cheating is the worst thing a person could do... I watch Maury, I know. lol.

So sad what society is coming to. No respect for anything, not even yourself. But I'm ranting, I'll stop. lol. I'll make a post about my escapade... I know you'll be interested to read about my idiocy, Jaimie! :P

I'm so glad you're writing again!! I look forward to the next one :)

Also, apparently Reese Witherspoon was not as taken with R-Patz as I am... lol!