Saturday, June 13, 2009

One day to go...

I'm currently sitting in my hotel room in Salina, Utah. Utah is the most mesmerizing, awe-inspiring and beautiful state I have ever been in. I thought the Rockies in Colorado were pretty awesome but Utah just struck a chord in my soul and shattered every image I had ever had about grand and majestic is truly amazing here.

Those are some photo's from the trip...amazing huh? I had a really great spiritual experience at the place with the tree in the first picture. I felt amazingly at peace and a surge of adrenaline at what the future has to hold and the path I am taking. The path that I am sure many are amazed at; what with me seemingly following a wily dream with no real plan, no real clue, except that of a modern day Indiana Jones, which I have called myself on previous occasions. Though I have to admit that I do view myself as someone who differs from the mainstream in how I live my life. I follow my dreams and don't want and dream the same dreams as others. Not that I don't want things that most people want ultimately, like a marriage, a family, a good job. But what I truly want is to be happy, to be satisfied and to be able to make others happy, to impact someones life in a positive way.

That's kinda why I like scriptwriting, because I want someone to watch something I write or read it and feel an emotion, a real to the core emotion. I don't know if it is just me but I have read books and seen films that have made me cry, laugh, think and sometimes they have touched me so much that I have chosen a part of my thought process and actions and changed them. Anyways I'm waxing on a bit too much abt this, lol. I have to get a good nights sleep for my big drive tomorrow.

LA here I come!

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maria said...

I'm a total mess when I read a good book or watch anything sappy :p Make me cry, J, make me cry :)