Thursday, June 11, 2009

A day left

I leave for LA tomorrow morning at 8am. I'm a little bit excited and a little bit scared. Excited because I may meet Edward Norton and marry him and scared because I may miss him coming to Iowa City to shoot a film and that would totally ruin my life.

But seriously I have a jam packed car and have shipped 15 boxes to myself. I don't even know if 15 boxes will fit into my apt, or should I say my bachelor studio? I have my pepper spray and car club ready to some damage on any lowlifes that try and come up to me. Though I'm more likely to scare them with my high pitched screaming and shouting, and anyone who knows me will know that I like to get loud as much as possible. :-)

I'm going to dinner tonight with Megan, Erin, Judy and Judy's bf Adam at 126 as a farewell dinner. The food is pretty delicious and so it should be fun, though I hope no-one gets too sad about my leaving, though I suppose it is inevitable, haha. I'm not really one for goodbyes though, makes me feel slightly awkward and brings the sadness to the forefront.

I think I will miss Iowa City; I loved the no real traffic, the close proximity to everything and the small town living. Ironic now I am moving to BIG CITY. OMG! I am moving to LA. It hasn't quite hit me. I'm going to see what LA is really like, which may be quite disappointing to me, as I am one who has always held LA in high esteem from my 2 visits and love of movies. I'll be starting my job on July 6th and hopefully I meet some nice people there and really love the work.

On to other news, my friend joined Eharmony recently and is really talking it up because she got alot of matches who seem to be very cute. But that is all for another conversation.


maria said...

I need a pepper spray... but yes, your loud and high-pitched scream would do some real damage :p All the good luck in the world to you.

Jameil said...

1st i'm so glad you're back to blogging, 2nd yay for a big move!! 3rd, if you ever come back to the FLA, you better let me know so we can meet up!

Dreamlover said...

Haha Maria, thanks!

And Jameil, I am so glad I am back as well.....How is FL treating you? We def have to meet up!