Monday, July 27, 2009

Suspicious Police Report: Gates Racial Controversy

This is getting interestinger and Alice in Wonderland would say.

The racist (I don't care if he taught classes on racial profiling) police officer that arrested Professor Gates wrote in his police report that Ms. Whalen, the lady who called the police regarding the possible break-in, stated that she saw 2 black men with backpacks breaking in to the house BUT Ms. Whalen through her attorney states that "she never said anything at all about race."

OMG, how crazy is that if the Police Officer is caught lying. He is definetly a racist and should get fired, especially if he is lying about what he report in the report as well, how could anyone trust him again??

My information came from this news article:


JohnRJ08 said...

I think there's some confusion here. I thought Ms. Whalen stated that it was two black men breaking into the home during her initial call to the police department.

Dreamlover said...

During the initial call, it states that she says she saw 2 men, one of whom looked slightly Hispanic.

JoeDFattal said...

It looks to me from the beginning that the policeman was lured in by Prof. Gates to raise a racial tension. And our beloved President was in it also. What a fake for a President.

Dan said...

This is absolutely rediculous!!
The notion 'race' and of black men entering a house was IMPLICIT in the 911 call!!
The only thing racist about this whole thing, was the old lady who called 911!!
She apparently believes that when black people are (what appear to be) breaking into a home - that it must not be their own home.

This is the only racial stereotype that happened on this day. Everything else was simply a manifestation of confusion spiraling out of control between two hot heads at the tops of their profession.