Friday, July 24, 2009

Another day, another night but always you!

So I was thinking of this song tonight and singing it, most probably I've got the words wrong as I inevitably do when I sing songs.

Sad news, someone died today whilst body surfing at the beach. the waves are getting as high as 20 ft and they crashed his body into rocks. I'm not going to tell my mum that story. Not that I swim near rocks but its kinda sketch in the ocean these days. Last week I had a bit of a scare, well kinda but not really. I was body surfing as per usual and was really skimming and coming in fast and far when I realized that the waves and the board which acted like a buoy had taken me really far out into the ocean. Now I wsan't scared cos I wasn't too far past some other people, and I can swim really well. But I couldn't touch the ocean floor and as I was trying to swim back to shore all that was happening wsa that I was going further out to sea.

So of course, there was a little pause in my heart at this point. The undercurrent of the ocean kept keeping me far back. So I decided to get aggressive and let go of the board and really swim hard. Still nada, then the next thing I know I see a lifeguard blowing a whistle and running into the ocean. I'm looking around as I am treading water and can't see anyone panicking or drowning. It was at this point that I ride another wave into shore and I am able to swim in more.

Next thing I know the lifeguard is coming over to me and she was like, "Didn't you hear my whistle? You were too far out and in a riptide".

I was like oh no sorry. Inside I was like, eek, that was why I couldn't swim back. I gotta admit I was feeling a lil faint after that experience. Then when another wave took my unawares and crashed me so hard into the water I couldn't breath or get up out of the water I was a little bit more panicky. But then I was fine, the boogie boarding experience is exhilarating. It's electrifyingly exciting and it makes me happy. Not happy enough to drown in the ocean though, so I'm thinking i'm not going to go out so far right now, not when the waves are so high and the current so strong.


Alot of my good friends are taking the bar next week. I want to wish them all Good Luck and my prayers are ging up for them all to do really well.

So I went to Pinks yesterday with my new friend and coworker. We waited inline for 2 hours, we had gone after one of our school visits (making sure that the school coordinator and the students and volunteers were all doing their things!) I have to be honest the 2 hour wait and $50 parking ticket I got was not worth it. I got a Chilli Cheese Dog, wasn't even the best dog I've had. So I am glad I went and had the experience but don't think I will be going again unless a visiting friend really wants to go.


I love this video, it made me laugh and cry! I'm kinda embarrassed to admit that but how perfect is this wedding entrance? How comfortable and at ease do yuo have to be to do this? It's totally cute and awesome! What a great couple!

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