Wednesday, January 13, 2010

eHow Blog Carnival

I'm posting an eHow Blog Carnival today. And what a great sampling of how-to articles in this week's ehow blog carnival. We have everything from roses, to genealogy to kidney stones. Something for everyone!

1. Want to make your boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband happy this valentine's day? Give the best and cheap Valentines day gift. Write them a poem. Learn  how to write a valentines day poem for the one you love.

2. Spring will be here before you know it so it's not too early to be thinking about roses.Learn more about growing the popular Knock Out Rose with its exceptional extended blooming period from Stratus' article, How to Grow Knock Out Roses. 

3. Looking to get in shape this year? Keep your New Years Resolution alive with practical advice on how to buy a home elliptical.

4. Ms.June Bug has a great tutorial on how to delete internet history and cookies on your computer. This is part one of a helpful series on the topic.

5. Tracing your family's roots? Learn how to find a ship's immigrant passenger lists which can contain important genealogical information.

 6. Speaking of our ancestors, did you realize Martin Luther King day is coming up? Find out how to act in the spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

7. Do you know how to get government interest free loan for up to 10 years? Alrady is sharing information that can save thousands of dollars in interest with careful planning.

8. Have you signed up for Adsense but can't figure out where your clicks are coming from? Don't worry, you're not along. Learn how to set up url channels for google adsense and finally track your earnings

9. In the same vein, Purely Passive has some great information on how to create a passive income for yourself. It's always a good idea to diversify revenue streams.

10. On the medical side, there's almost nothing more painful than a kidney stone. Find out how to pass kidney stones using natural methods like water, herbal drinks and beer.

11. Once you pass that kidney stone you'll be so happy you'll want to learn how to give thanks to God for the blessings in your life.

And that's it for this week's ehow blog carnival! Hope you found something of interest.


Darla said...

Great posting and THANK YOU. I noticed that many have blogs attached to their names... and I love your text inline ads (would love to know how to do that).

KUDOS to the ones thinking ahead to Feb. already!!!!! I like the variety this represents... Will tweet it out!
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Write2Write said...

Great Job!!

Darla: Kontera is a great for in text ads and can be used with Google Adsense and Chitika.. If ur not signed up and would like to use my referral let me know!


Oliver said...

Great Blog! As an eHow write myself, I really think this is a great way to expose articles!!!


ewebwriter said...

You're a darling! Will be following your blog and articles! Who's going to be the next carnival host?

KrimzonRain said...

Great eHow Carnival posting. Lots of great articles! I think this is a fantastic idea to get more backlinks and promotion, but it's also a cool way to learn about random things.

2enjoylife8 said...

Great variety of articles! Thanks!

GalenaFaolan said...

Great variety of articles! :-) See a few I want to go explore now.

Dreamlover said...

Thanks everyone!!!

And yes Darla, I am using Kontera for the text inline ads!

Let me know if you need anymore info!!