Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Freelance Writing Jobs- Post 1

Here is a list of legitimate online work from home freelance writing jobs. Some of the websites are considered pay per blog and the others pay you per article but all are pretty cool.

I have started writing for one of them and have been paid. I am going to start a new blog discussing my online writing endeavors and more about these websites.


Freelance writing of articles. They have thousands of topics to choose from and you get paid $15 for most articles 400-500 words and $7.50 for fact sheet articles, 150-200 words. You can also suggest article topics and get $5 each for them.

You write the article, it goes to a copy editor, who either approves it or sends it back to be rewritten. Then you can either rewrite or just abandon it. You get to write 10 articles at a time. All of the articles need a reference and you may need to research some titles a little longer. I have found google books to be a great way to research and have a credible citation.

You alsoget paid twice a week, which is awesome. They pay via paypal, which you can then transfer to your bank account.


A site composed of about 32 different blogs. You sign up and can write posts for any blogs. The only requirement is 200 words and the pay is pretty low, $0.50 a post but can add up if you write a lot of posts. You can pretty much write whatever you want. You get paid through paypal once a month if your account balance reached $25 the previous month.


They pay you $10 to write articles in categories that you choose. However, it can be hard to get into more mainstream categories.


They pay $2 for everything you review and you can review absolutely anything.

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